Veteran • Neighbor Volunteer

My parents raised me to value being of service to others. I served in the USAF during the first Gulf War. I help out at foodshelves and soup kitchens, am part of an informal group which helps clean the yards of seniors, and work directly with homeless persons, assisting them with food and clothing.

I’ve included some of my ideas for Burnsville in the Issues section, but here’s my general philosophy of government: If re-elected, I won’t pick and choose what rights of yours I protect. I will protect all rights, civil and economic, all the time.

  • Treat you with respect and listen to your concerns.
  • Protect all liberties – civil and economic.
  • Accountable to you. After every vote, I will say how I voted and why on my Facebook page.

If that’s what you’re looking for in a city councilperson, I’d appreciate your support.


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Fiscally Responsible & Socially Accepting – just like YOU