2016 lit front

Burnsville is your city. Get involved!

The best solutions for the challenges Burnsville faces can only come from Burnsville residents. Yet residents are often less involved and less aware of what happens in local government. Why? Information isn’t presented in ‘user-friendly’ ways and voters aren’t actively encouraged to participate. It’s the responsibility of City Council members to make local government open, understandable, and accessible.

If elected, Cara will:

  • Note how I voted on each issue and explain why.
  • Host monthly open chat sessions at local businesses.
  • Assist citizens in creating proposals for the city council to consider – even if I disagree with the proposal.

How can you help? You can:

  • Donate – even $5 helps!
  • Put a yard signs up in your yard or at your business.
  • Wear a campaign tshirt around town.
  • Volunteer, for an hour, a day, or as much as you are able.
  • Tell your friends and family about Cara and encourage them to vote for Cara in the August 9th Primary.


Fiscally Responsible & Socially Accepting – just like YOU