Cara is a dedicated liberty activist involved with a variety of causes in and around her city. Cara is an Air Force veteran who does a wonderful job covering a variety of policy topics [that] …we think are practical, effective messages for citizens of any city.

“Most people run for city government because they think they should be in charge.  Cara Schulz, on the other hand, is running for city government because she thinks you should be in charge.”  Tara Davis

“Bursting with integrity, innovative, honest, accountable and proven. Cara would serve the Council honorably just as she has in the Air Force and her many other endeavors she has tackled since. An author and a cancer survivor, she has an unstoppable will. Words can’t describe how lucky the city of Burnsville is to have a citizen like Cara in their midst willing to step up to the plate and go to bat for the community she loves.  She stands tall for what she believes in no matter what.  Some people walk through walls, she disintegrates them.” Matt Kowalski

“I support Cara Schulz because she listens to any person of any walk of life or political stance. She seeks to find the common ground between people, not as a wishy-washy way to please everyone, but to find what the core of the community and relationships are about. That means something to me.”  Niki Whiting

“I support Cara Schulz because she supports limited, common sense governance. As a Veteran I have seen seen firsthand what foreign entanglements do and as a Libertarian I believe she believes in limiting government in regards to this from the federal level on down to the common American.” Brian Brevold

“Cara Schulz is the kind of person who listens to what others have to say, even if they don’t think the same as she does. She strives for solutions, gets things done, and never will stray beyond the scope of her official duties.”   Heather Johnson

“This midwestern Lutheran would vote for Cara Schulz in a heartbeat, not because we agree on everything but because when we disagree, I know Cara’s actually going to listen to and genuinely consider my side of the story.  She’s one of the most honest people I’ve ever met, lives her life with unbending integrity, and cares about her neighbors and good government by them and for them.” Tim Fuglei

“Cara is an intelligent, principled woman. I’ve always appreciated her thoughtful approach to important issues–whether we agree or disagree, I know that I am always going to learn something, because Cara does her homework. In her time in the Air Force, she helped safeguard our nation’s liberty. As a city council member, she will work tirelessly to safeguard your individual liberties and serve your community.” Matt Schur

Fiscally Responsible & Socially Accepting – just like YOU

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