The sad fact is that you need money to run a campaign. If you can donate, it would be much appreciated. Donations go towards campaign literature, yard signs, tshirts, and postage.

My Wallet   Be Your Own Bank   Blockchain.infoDo I accept BitCoin? Of course I do! Send BitCoin donations to 1BXtwjZQx6cQ5JPjAgbgpqqtEZG8c4GntR
<— or you can scan my code:




For those who want to send a check:
Make checks payable to Cara Schulz and put “campaign fund” in the memo line.
Send them to Cara Schulz
30 Walden St
Burnsville, MN  55337


donate_handYou can donate through Paypal by
<— clicking the donate button:


I’ll be knocking on doors, which is the most effective way to connect to voters, to get through the August primary. I’ll do the same for the general election on Novembe. Residents are very receptive to a SOCIALLY ACCEPTING, FISCALLY RESPONSIBLE message when they hear it, but that’s the challenge – making sure enough residents hear my message!

There are 18,000 voting households.
I need to knock on 4,000 doors before the primary.
I’ll knock on 8,000 more doors before the general election.
I need 10,000 votes to win.

Since I can’t knock on every door, I need to send VERY targeted mailers to the 8000 voters I won’t otherwise reach. To accomplish that, I need to raise $2000 in the next two weeks. So I’m asking you, if you think I’d make a good city councilperson, please donate any amount you can.

If you donate $10, 40 more people will know they have a liberty option.
If you donate $100, 400 more people can learn more about me.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to sit there after the polls close thinking “if only I had…” and lose a super close race.

If you have questions or want to volunteer, feel free to contact me at or call me at 612.735.4386.

We can do this!

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